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The CoBook

Well, this is my attempt at a blog. This is going to be a mostly for fun repository of miscellaneous math stuff, so please nobody get angry at me if I say something dumb.

The title is a reference to “The Book,” which is a collection of the most elegant proofs to all math problems that Paul Erdős claimed God was keeping from us. It is also a dumb category theory joke, wherein the prefix “co” denotes the dual of some object. In category theory, this means reversing all the arrows, hence the url.

The content of this blog will mostly be my writeups of “inelegant” solutions to problems I come up with, and occasionally I will post something more substantive. My definition of “elegant” is usually “invokes the least,” so that should tell you something about the kind of things I’ll be posting.

I hope you enjoy this, and if you don’t, I hope you forget about it quickly.

I’m doing this basically out of boredom and a desire to practice my skills at writing things up nicely and cleanly, so don’t expect too much out of me!

I’ll post daily, maybe?


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